1. Pigment on Cork #5679
  2. Fresco Tempera #R829
Welcome to Jamali Fine Art :: Forty years of Art & Peace :: Jamali's Mystical Expressionism
The internationally renowned artist Jamali has long attracted a select and international circle of collectors, drawn by his mystical style and charismatic persona. Jamali's artistic career had unconventional beginnings, true to the maverick's path that he always followed. Thirty years ago, a vision came to him and a dream guide commanded him to paint. In response, Jamali invented a unique style of "mystical expressionism," a marriage of contemporary consciousness and art's most ancient traditions. Jamali's fusion of these opposites--the contemporary and the timeless--has produced a life work unmatched in its scope, variety, and spiritual depth.
  1. Pastel on Velour #18299
  2. Fresco Tempera #12459
  3. Pigment on Cork #17286
  4. Fresco Tempera #R983
  5. Pigment on Cork #R660
  6. Fresco Tempera #R869

Open Exhibitions

  1. Jamali NYC Gallery
    We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the Jamali Pastel Retrospective here in Soho, featuring masterpieces spanning 40 years in the medium that spawned his unique style, Mystical Expressionism. Saturday, November 4th, 2-6 pm Jamali Gallery 413 West Broadway, New York, NY.
  2. Jamali Fine Art
    You are cordially invited to attend the opening of the Jamali 40 Year Retrospective in Winter Park, Florida, featuring masterpieces from the founder of Mystical Expressionism, including works from each of his invented and traditional mediums. Saturday, November 4th, 4-8 pm Jamali Fine Art 7330 Sandscove Court, Winter Park, FL
Meet The Team
  1. Ramez Jamali
    CEO / Artist - Jamali Chelsea Gallery Ramez Jamali spent his childhood among the dusty foothills of the Himalayan Mountain Range. This scenic landscape instilled Ramez with the appreciation and wonderment of natural beauty, which helped to later fuel his artistic creativity.
  2. Al Moreau
    Art Director
  3. Meghan Gallis
    Art Advisor